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Hello and welcome to our website, which focuses on the modern topic of web protection software. It is our main mission to inform the reader on its various aspects. Our hope is that the information found on the site will be useful, not just to domestic computer users, but also corporate entities concerned about their IT protection.

We have separated this information into separate categories. This means that readers can go through the entire site or find the individual article that is most applicable to their interests. This also makes navigating through the website much easier. The title of each article will let the reader know exactly what it is about.

We have one article that defines exactly what a computer virus is. This term is known to many people but not everyone knows precisely what it means. This section is laid out in as simple a format as possible so that anyone can understand it. This particular article is ideal for those who are just beginning to study cyber security.

There are plenty of different types of cyber security software available out there. We have a section that lists some of the most important ones to know. This part of the site is useful reading for people in the e-Commerce sector. This is due to the fact that it tells them the important programs that all reliable and legal online stores should have in place.

Once the reader has familiarised themselves with the types of antivirus protection on the market, they may still have questions about how to tell which ones are the best. We have an article that can be invaluable in this regard. It lists what elements make up a professional and high quality protection software. After finishing this, the reader will be armed with enough knowledge to make a decision over which software to get.

We also have an article that is dedicated to companies. It describes the devastating effects that a virus can cause to a business. This includes some of the most high profile examples, such as the WannaCry virus of 2017. We talk about the ways in which a company can prevent their systems from being breached.

There is even a section on the importance of user safety on online gambling sites. These websites entail allowing users to provide highly sensitive information. This usually includes their financial and other person details. It is essential that online casinos strive to keep this data safe and confidential. We discuss how customers can tell if a site is legitimate. We focus mainly on gambling sites accessible within Australia. However, there is enough information in this article to be useful for most people interested in gambling using the internet.