Companies and Hacking

Hacking can have a devastating effect on a company. Corporate espionage is becoming an ever more common tool. Competing entities can often strive to steal confidential information in order to have an edge over their rivals. This threat usually comes from the internet. However, it may also originate from the inside. If someone manages to gain access to important corporate hardware, it can be even more damaging than an online based hack.

The sad truth is that hackers are becoming more sophisticated every year. Sometimes the software that businesses use is just not up to the task of preventing critical breaches. Company leaders should be constantly educating themselves on the new threats that their computer systems will be facing. That way, this important knowledge will trickle down to the rest of the staff.

Company secrets can be the lifeblood of a successful business. Often the thing that makes their service unique is their inside knowledge. This could be the designs to a high selling product. Or it could be a valuable client list. Whatever the information may be, it is vital that it can be stored safely on a computer. If a hack takes place then this data will be vulnerable. At other times, a breach will simply prevent the system from being used, preventing the office from being able to function.

The WannaCry cyber attack is a good example of this. In May 2017, the computing systems for the NHS were compromised. This severely disrupted the health service all around the country, resulting in the cancellation of thousands of appointments. There are even concerns that the medical records of patients may have also been stolen by spyware.

Later, there were revelations that this scenario could have easily been avoided. The NHS needed to simply update their archaic security system. News outlets reported that staff had been using critically old computer software. Due to the breach, over £90 million worth of damage was caused.

Another high profile corporate hacking scandal occurred in August 2014. Private images stored on Apple’s iCloud were stolen and distributed on public internet forums. The hack highlighted the severe vulnerabilities in cloud-based data storage. The two incidents show that if a company or government body does not have adequate security systems in place, then the consumer will suffer.

Not only that, it will also damage the image of the entity that has been hacked. Therefore, corporate businesses need to ensure that they invest heavily in reliable anti hacking software. They must have well trained and educated IT staff on hand to deal with breach scenarios. In order for hacks to be stopped, a business will need sophisticated hardware and software as well as professional, reliable personnel.