Web Protection Software Types

  • Computer Antivirus

This software usually comes as a standard with laptop and computer purchases. One of the most common ways for a virus to attack is by accessing the back end of a website that a user visits. This software scans for these viruses and eradicates them (if possible). Not only can antivirus software be used on traditional hardware, it can also protect smart devices. It should be used on any device that is utilised to access the internet.

  • Network Security

It is crucial for all businesses to have a secure network. If it is vulnerable, then there can be irreparable repercussions. This type of software can encrypt the WiFi, ensuring that it is not attacked by malware. Firewalls can also be installed for extra protection.

  • SaaS Security

“Software as a service” is becoming an increasingly popular business model in the corporate community. Unfortunately, it is also vulnerable to cyber attacks. It is vital that information saved in the cloud remains secure. For this to be a reality, there are programs that specialise in preventing security breaches for this storage method.

  • Content Management System

People who run their own websites rely on a variety of content management systems. These usually come with their own built in antivirus protection. However, it is up to the user to make sure that they are constantly updating their system. If they fail to do this, then it can leave them open to attacks. Most of the infected websites on the internet are run on platforms with out of date software.

  • e-Commerce Software

Those who run stores online will need to have an entirely different set of protection protocols in place. What makes these distinct from most is that they need to be compliant with PCI regulations. e-commerce businesses have a responsibility to keep their consumer data private and safe. There are special programs that provide this service. They are often more expensive than regular antivirus software.

  • Payment Gateway Software

Aside from this software also used for Euro online bets, e-commerce businesses also need to make sure that their payment gateway provider is safe enough to rely on. This is to give an extra level of security for customers. It is very important that the business chooses one that is well regarded. It is best to research the top ones on review sites.

  • Bot Mitigation

Bots are automated hackers, which can spread spam and other malicious software. While doing this, they can also steal content, such as sensitive data. These pesky things are a regular cause of annoyance for computer users. Luckily, there are reliable programs available that can monitor and mitigate bots. Plugins are also a useful tool for keeping an eye on this threat.

  • Monitoring Tool

Monitoring tools are add-ons that can help the user stay updated of any suspicious activity on their system. They tend to focus on self management, meaning that the more attention the user gives to it, the more effective the tool will be for preventing hacks. Unlike the other software options on this list, monitoring tools will not prevent viruses independently. However, they are a handy accessory for maximising the security of a computer, network or website. The main drawback to these tools however, is that they tend to be restrictively expensive for domestic use. They are much better suited to corporate computer systems.